Our Mission

Guilty Golf, Let's start by saying we are a group of Friends based out of the PNW with a love for the game and the style that could surround it. What we don't love was the same styles that golf has been producing for decades. We wanted to make something for the growing new generation of modern golfers.  


We set out to change the way you personalize your golf clubs and we believe we have done so without sacrificing any quality or performance. With our grips you get the best of both worlds, eye-catching electrifying designs that are molded right into each of our grips providing them with superior performance. 


We believe we will be a major player in the golf community, as we continue to grow we promise to listen to the community and expand our product line to what gives golfers thw swag that speaks to them.  


Does Guilty Golf offer free shipping?

Guilty Golf offers free shipping for U.S. orders. Internationally, shipping charges are calculated automatically.

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Does Guilty Golf sell putter grips?
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