Why Change Your Golf Grips?

Golf grips are an important part of your golf clubs and can have an impact on your performance. Worn-out grips can negatively impact your performance and add unnecessary strokes on the course. A quality golf grip can help you find the optimal hold on your club to deliver more accurate, more comfortable shots. Replacing your grips regularly can improve your comfort, consistency, distance, and shot dispersion while dropping your handicap by several strokes. The rule of thumb is to replace grips at least once a year, although frequency of play and weather conditions can affect the longevity of your grips. It is best to see your local golf professional or club fitter and get your grips replaced. Different types of grips offer different benefits, such as corded grips for humid weather conditions and synthetic grips for humid climates. Knowing the warning signs of when to replace your grips, understanding the different types, and finding the right one for you can help you achieve maximum comfort and performance. Don’t let worn-out grips ruin your game; regular re-gripping can help you play your best.

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