What Golf Grips do the Pro's Use?

Golf grips are an important factor when it comes to playing a successful round of golf. Professionals on the PGA Tour pay close attention to the type and size of golf grips that they use on their clubs. The most popular grip used by the top 100 PGA Tour players is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip (This is the same material and blend we use on our Guilty Golf Grips), with 32 players choosing it, but 23 different grips made by 7 different brands are used. The pros also choose the same grips on all of their clubs, with the exception of Lee Westwood, who uses Lamkin Crossline Full Cord grips on his woods but PING ID8 White 1/2 Cord grips on his irons. When it comes to size, there are three main categories: standard, mid-size, and over-size. Standard grips are the most common and fit most golfers, but mid-size and over-size grips are worth considering if you have smaller or larger hands than average. The best way to determine your proper grip size is to check your golf glove size and use that as a guide. Pros also factor in the number of tape wraps they use underneath their grips, as this can significantly alter the feel of the club. It is clear that the pros pay close attention to their golf grips and take the time to make sure they have the right fit and feel. An ill-fitting grip can lead to several swing faults, so if you're playing with grips that are too small for your hands, it is worth considering changing them.

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