How to Regrip your Golf Clubs

To put new golf grips on, you will need a vise grip equipped with rubber vise clamps, a utility knife or straight blade, deactivating grip solvent and a clean cloth, two-sided grip tape (¾’ or 2”), and 1/64” build-up tape if needed. First, clamp the shaft near the lower end of the grip and point the face of the club towards the floor. Cut the old grip open, being careful not to cut into the shaft if it is Graphite. Peel off the old grip and scrape the tape away. Remove the remaining residue with grip solvent and a clean cloth. Then, apply grip tape. Place the grip over the shaft butt (with the alignment pattern up or whatever your preference is) onto the club by squeezing the open end of the grip. Push the grip entirely onto the club. Slide grip into place while the grip tape is still wet, roughly align the grip and pull it down over the butt end of the shaft. Make sure the grip is square, especially if it is a grip like the Golf Pride Align, or the grip has a ribbed back. You can move and slide the grip before the grip tape is fully dry. Finally, ensure that the grip is secure and that the end of the grip is flush with the end of the club.

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