How to Make Your Golf Grips Last Longer

Golfers must take care of their golf grips to ensure their longevity. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your golf grips will not only help them last longer, but it will also maintain the tackiness of the grips, which is necessary for a good grip on the club. To make your golf grips last longer, there are a few key steps that you should follow. 

First, clean your golf clubs and grips regularly. This will help remove dirt and grime from the clubs and grips, and prevent any build-up of debris. Use a mild soap and water solution, and a soft brush to scrub the grips gently. You should also avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals on the grips, as this can damage the material. After cleaning, let the grips air dry. 

Second, make sure to replace the grips when needed. Conventional wisdom calls for grips to be replaced at least every year or after some 30+ to 50+ rounds and simple golf grip cleaning in between grip replacements. As a general rule, it's recommended that you change your grips once a year, though if you play more than 40 rounds a year or hit the range a few times a week, it might be best to replace them more often. Look for any signs of wear and tear, such as bubbles, tears, rips, or wear down from too much golf, and replace the grips as soon as you notice these. 

Third, use grip tape or a grip solvent to make the grips tacky again. Grip tape is a sticky tape that you can wrap around the grips to create friction and make them tacky again. You can also use a grip solvent, which is a liquid that is specifically designed to make grips tacky again. Apply a small amount of the solvent to a cloth and rub it on the grips. 

Finally, apply some castor oil to the grips once a month. Just two or three drops of castor oil are enough to keep your golf clubs grip feeling tacky and elastic. This natural material is perfect for restoring the grip's tackiness and elasticity. 

By taking the time to clean and maintain your golf grips, you can make them last longer and improve your game. Follow the steps outlined above, and your golf grips will be sure to last for many years.

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